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What is involved in developing an app?

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Through our experience developing iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile apps for a wide range of customers we have been able to continually refined our app development process. This is to ensure we maintain our high standards and deliver the best possible product for the client.
When working with a startup business there are a lot of unknowns. Not just technical unknowns but who are the customers, what is the market opportunity, what is the problem you are solving and will your customers pay to solve that problem. With established businesses the end customer and problem you are solving is pretty well understood and defined. This results in slightly different approaches to developing an app.
No matter if you are a startup or an established business we believe in working with you to define clear requirements and goals before starting any development. Once the app development is underway we provide regular builds of the app and review progress with you regularly to allow ongoing opportunities for providing feedback. We believe that having real feedback, from real end users, throughout the process is essential to delivering the best product possible. Contact us for more information.

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