There are many analytics tools – from real-time, to the really complicated! Some would rather read tarot than read their analytics report! Really understanding your site or sites’ traffic not only can give you an understanding of performance, but also invaluable insights that can help with your business decisions. When Microvera works with clients, part of our offering is to review your analytics on a monthly basis. With over 10 years’ experience of reading site traffic, we have a deep understanding of how Google Analytics works. Monitoring is the only way to measure which channels provide a return on marketing investment. We can manage goal paths, multi variant or AB testing, and cross-URL tracking. So, whether you need your analytics setting up correctly or an analysis of how your website is performing or alternatively how to handle ongoing traffic management – Microvera can help.



Content marketing is now a major contributor to the success of a website’s search engine marketing. In fact, having fresh content on your website also keeps visitors coming back! We can help you curate or create content for your website. These can be in the form of articles, press releases, info graphics or imagery. We offer a service where we can create content which can be used across your social media channels, and website. We produce a reliable library which can be used to augment your postings. These postings are used to drive visitor engagement, and if cleverly defined, can be used to drive goal oriented actions. Content marketing is traditionally used to educate customers rather than sell to them; however, by providing quality content you build a customer base that has loyalty, and trust. We also can create and or distribute your content across the web and to journalists and on-line publications. This is an excellent way of building awareness as well as high quality back links to your website for optimization.


We offer the latest methods in direct mail marketing, with attractive designs that will encourage your audience to keep reading the content, and your advertisements. We can provide a tractable telephone number for each flyer, letting you know which batch performed best. We can create tractable URLs and QR Codes to scan, and we can even produce NFC stickers with which you can touch a mobile to connect.


Because of the nature of e-mail marketing, results can be quickly observed. E-mails can be sent directly to your desktop. They do not have to pass reception, PAs or snail mail. Instead, you will be able to see which offers work best, and how many emails are opened with relative ease. Our team has a great deal of experience with e-mail systems. We can help you select the best platform for your specific requirements; we will also help plan and execute your email marketing campaigns. Additionally, we can also provide post campaign analytics to help you understand what worked best, and more importantly, what did not work. Furthermore, we can design your e-mail or e-mail template, source e-mail mailing lists and manage the process of sending mails.


Our team can help clients be found on organic search listings. We have seen Google’s algorithm change year upon year, so we have a unique understanding of how Google has grown from measuring simple off page factors, to having over 200 signals to rank a site. In 2013 alone, there were over 15 updates to the Google algorithm, including changes to Penguin and Panda, as well as the core update, Hummingbird. Microvera works with you to increase your websites’ trust, and gain rankings in the search engines through on-page, off-page, and content management. This includes both local search, and high value keywords. Optimisation is a continuously evolving process whose goal is to improve your rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Through careful monitoring we keep track of your rankings generated from this traffic and also what return is gained from this activity. SEO service is a long-term strategy which has a proven track record in improving e-commerce, and the general success of any website.


Social Media Optimization Marketing is another long term strategy. There are now so many channels in the social arena that knowing which to choose and for what reason is one of the most important challenges you face. Should it be Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter, or indeed all of the above? The emergence of social media has created new opportunities in marketing. With this new media channels, online communities could be created and influenced, specifically with view of leading favourable opinions regarding your brand, product, service, or business. Over a billion users actively participate in social media networks. People who share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, political perspectives, and their knowledge & expertise online…
This social flow facilitates conversations between groups of people with a keen interest on relevant subjects pertaining to your organisation. We help you define and execute a strategy in order to tap into these audiences and in order to help them form a positive opinion of your brand. Our services include strategy planning, content curating and creation, engagement, and channel support. We can train your team and teach them how to manage your social channels, and to support them in an ongoing basis.


Sometimes getting changes made on your existing website can take time and many systems do not allow the level of tracking you need to know about how well your campaign is performing. With our professional team, we can quickly deploy campaign websites that have advanced tracking and data collection. We design strong, effective landing pages for your campaigns. Our designs help trigger actions that fulfil your business objectives. We can have multiple landing pages on a system all with data collection forms and source tracking technology so you can know, down to the keyword, where each individual form completion came from. This allows us to know, not only which sources are generating business, but most importantly, which source generated the most valuable enquiries. We are also resellers for Response Tap, which provides invaluable information about every website visitor’s journey and what drove them to pick up the phone. Response Tap’s unified analytics platform seamlessly combines call tracking and web analytics into one powerful solution to bridge the online offline divide. Through Response Tap, we can attribute which sources drove the call. This again allows us to help you focus your resources in places where we know they are working.


There is often a divide between web design agencies, those that are technical and those who are creative. Our team has experts who cover the technical side of the business leaving our highly qualified designers to stay creative. We stay on top of design trends and ensure that not only is your website visually strong but also strong from a usability perspective. When we embark on designing your website we look at your competitors both online and offline. We also examine your target audience and what design stimulates them, in different areas. We aim to build you the best website that makes you stand head and shoulders above the competition.


Monitoring is KEY to the success of any campaign. We are sure you have discovered this is never quite as simple as it sounds. In order to prove a channel is providing a return on your investment or simply is achieving your business goals, it is necessary to set up the correct tools to monitor and report results. Microvera is able to set up end to end monitoring solutions across your processes. This often includes analytic integration, telephone tracking, source tracking for form completions and, if required, CRM integration. Budgets are spent across multiple pay per click channels, organic optimization, email marketing and social media channels, additionally, you have the off-line world, such as television, radio, and magazines… Being able to tell which medium is making you money and which is causing losses allows you to focus your budgets in the right places. Our methods and trade secrets, refined over the last 10 years, will show you how to spend effectively. Call us today to see how we can help you.


So you have had a website built by someone and it is not converting visitors to customers, or worse still: it is not actually getting any visitors! At Microvera, we have the technical skills both from a development and a marketing perspective to audit your website for design, technical structure and usability. Websites can often underperform because key usability rules have not been followed. This could be in the form of an undefined visitor journey, lack of a strong call to action, or conversation pages. Your search engine rankings may not correlate to your site’s technical structure and index ability, or perhaps, incorrectly implemented of on page factors. At Microvera we will audit your website using tools like visual attention mapping (a way of producing a heat map showing where visitors’ attention is drawn). Provided you have analytic on the site, we can analyze the traffic sources and their path through your website. Additionally, our team member’s actually set goals and report back on their experience in trying to achieve those goals. Last but not least, we can make a technical audit of the site. The result of this process is a report with our findings and our recommendations. This intelligence will improve your site or sites’ performance on every level.