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Refund Policy
Usually, refund policy refers to a company’s policy on dealing with returns and refunds that apply to the purchase made by customers. Usually, there are specified days along with particular details through which a company decides if the refund is possible or not.


There are also particular rules about refund policy at Micovera Ltd. which are strictly applied so that there are no misunderstandings in the customer and company relationship that will be formed through projects that we handle with our clients.

Payment for Projects

It is stated that for each project that we handle with our clients, 50% of the payment will be paid in advance. This is to make sure that there is safe and sound regulation of work. It goes without saying that even if a customer is not satisfied with the results, employees put the same effort into work. Furthermore, to make sure that we are on the same page as the client, this payment is implied to all clients who seek our assistance.

Client must sign a contract for each project to make their advance payment. Furthermore, we give the opportunity to clients to go through mockup designs before the project is finalized. It will give you the opportunity to raise any complaints and suggestions that you might have.

No Refunds

The payment made by the clients is not to be refunded under any circumstances. The advance payment or complete payment for a project will not be paid back to clients once the payment is made.


It is to be stated that our social media and SEO services might not always be satisfactory for the clients. We put our best work into each project and give you the chance to suggest changes once the project is done before it is finalized.


It is also necessary to mention that that there is strict policy following propriety and confidentiality which includes respect for written and oral contracts. Furthermore, it will include the exchange of business between the two parties and is not limited to contracts only. Both parties will respect the privacy of other and make sure that information is not misused or shared without permission.

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