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These are the five main reasons for keeping every aspect of your WordPress site updated, which are: Security, Performance, Bug fixes, Compatibility and Features.Each of these is essential for different reasons, but it can be argued that security is the significant of all.



Keeping Your Site Updated Will Enhance Security

Security is a must. One of the reasons that WordPress is increasingly becoming the target of security attacks is because it’s so huge. A CMS that powers up to a quarter of the internet will be hesitant to attract the attention of anyone wanting to insert malicious code, take sites down or get data. But the very size of WordPress, and of its community of users and developers, is also an asset here. Security’s weaknesses are spotted and dealt with quickly. This applies to WordPress core as well as to the biggest and most popular plugins. The fact that WordPress is open source means that anyone finding a problem can identify the cause of that problem and alert the right people straightaway, whether that be via the WordPress site or by alerting a plugin developer. All of this means that when security’s weaknesses come to light in WordPress core or in a major plugin, it can be quickly fixed, and an update released straightaway. None of this will benefit you unless you keep your version of WordPress and your plugins and themes up to date.



An Updated Site Will Perform Better

Updating a website helps to improve its performance, or of a plugin or theme. Updates for the website are necessary. For example, WordPress 4.1 included improvements to complex queries to improve the performance of sites using these, and WordPress 3.9 included improvements to the performance of TinyMCE. Plugins also get updates to improve performance, perhaps to speed up scripts or queries or run more efficiently. So keeping your WordPress version and your plugins up to date will help your site perform at its best.



Updating Can Eliminate Bugs

Major releases tend to be very stable and bug-free.The company will make sure to install updates in case there are fix bugs that could affect your site.



Updates Can Introduce New Features

Keeping your site up to date also gives you access to new features. For example, recent releases of WordPress have included big improvements to the UX of the admin screens as well as accessibility improvements. Plugins can do this too, which means that keeping things up to date gives you access to the latest goodies.



What You Need to Keep Updated

Keeping your site up to date isn’t just about updating WordPress itself. There are three aspects of keeping your WordPress installation up to date: WordPress itself, Plugins and Themes.




In this page, it gives you important reasons why you need to keep your site updated. The company’s goal is to keep the installation updated in managing the WordPress site. We assure you that your site will perform better and efficiently. It will keep on top of bug fixes and security patches. It’s one of the most effective methods for enhancing security, especially when teamed with the use of strong passwords.

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