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What are the risks of starting my own business?

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Although you can reap many benefits by starting your own business, there are definitely some risks. The most common include:

  • Losing money. You’re going to need money to get your small business started. Whether you raid your savings account, hit up friends and relatives, or borrow from a bank, there’s a very real possibility that your business won’t succeed and that you, your friends, or the bank will never see that money again. If your business idea is risky, ask yourself whether you’re willing to gamble your retirement, your friendships, and even your good credit on your business idea.
  • Personal sacrifice. Business success can come at a high personal cost. Getting your business up and running may consume most of your time and energy, including your precious evenings and weekends. You may not have much time for family or friends or the extra cash to take a second honeymoon with your spouse. Before you quit your job, decide whether you (and your family) are ready to make some of the personal sacrifices necessary for you to create a successful small business.
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