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“5” critical features to look for in your next webcast provider:

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When looking for a webcast provider, you’ll want to be sure that whatever company you hire has access to up-to-date technology. Set yourself up for success by taking the extra time to check that your prospective webcast provider has access to up-to-date technology.

Make sure your provider has an experienced team working for them. If you’re able to confirm that the team is capable of doing the work before the webcast and event, you’ll avoid having to deal with a last-minute meltdown on the day of the event, or a team that can’t fix any technical glitches swiftly and quietly.

Working with an experienced partner will provide you with front-end production quality that will make your webcast stand out from everyone else. This means high-quality cameras and operators, perfect audio quality, and graphics that lift your content up and operational execution on par with what you would expect from live television.

Technical issues are quite fluid when it comes to live production, and even in video on demand deliverables, there are always shifting issues that could present challenges before, during and after the webcast. Getting ahead of these challenges is the mark of an excellent webcast partner.
Considering both upload and download internet speeds, firewall issues, diverse platforms on the viewer end, video quality options, mobile users, and more, your partner should come up with solutions that ensure you have a stable, trouble-free experience.

Integrated solutions can cover a wide range of service features, which your production company partner should be quite familiar with.
The best live streaming and webcasting solutions will ultimately combine those elements, and all the of the others we’ve outlined above, for an amazing experience for you and your viewers.

If you’re looking for an experienced partner after reading this, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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