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Amateur vs. Professional Video Production: 5 Ways to Tell the Difference

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1. Audio
Amateur video production lacks the proper equipment, the advanced operative training and the years of practical experience that go along with it. A video production team not only has all of the gadgets, more importantly, they know how to work them. External microphones eliminate irreversible ambient noise; lighting equipment highlights your focal point and can improve overall image quality and discoloration.

2. Camera Angles
Another way to spot amateur video production is by its lack of diverse camera shots.
Additionally, a video production team has a trained eye for what’s visually appealing. They know how to frame things up, look for linear patterns, zoom and pan effectively; implement focusing techniques and much, much more.

3. Editing Techniques
Another quick way to determine whether or not a video has been produced professionally is by the quality of the editing. Post production is equally as important as capturing the footage and quality video editing takes a lot of practice. There are a number of complex editing systems to choose from today, each with hundreds of functions and individual nuances. Plus, professional video editors themselves are trained to know what looks pleasing to the eye, how to arrange shots in a particular sequence, the list goes on and on.

4. Professional Graphics
Unfortunately, a sloppy graphic can take away from all of your hard work. But chances are a video production company has someone who’s trained to take on such a challenge.

5. Unnatural scripting
Video expert or not, one thing every viewer can pick-up on is an awkward vibe.
Through trial and error and much practice, video experts know what works, and even more importantly, what doesn’t. Scripting should feel natural and conversational. Not awkward and forced. They know how to do this the right way. Whether you’re looking to do a company awareness video or something more business specific, we suggest working with a video production team, rather than trying to whip something together internally if you don’t have the equipment and the expertise.

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