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What are the main areas that the Web Management covers?

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• Website Security
Website security is the most important component of any good website management service. All websites are under constant attack by hackers and cyber criminals. The vast majority of these attacks is automated and is designed to use your website as a platform to infect your visitors’ computers. Making sure your site is secure and that the architecture on which it is built is up-to-date is a vital component of any management service. It includes both passive management like setting up good firewalls and things to block potential hackers, and active management which include things like malware scans and updating your website architecture.

• Content Management
This is the second big component of any website management service. A website should be a static object that never gets updated or improved. The single most important thing you can to do make your website successful is to regularly add content. Adding content to a website is not as simple as pasting some text and clicking publish. Content management includes things like posting blog posts, adding photographs, fixing website pages, and the like.
An important factor to good content management is optimizing the content for the web. Properly formatting content for the web is an art and a science, and it requires understanding of both HTML but SEO as well. This is also true for posting images, which should be optimized both with tags but compressed in size so they keep your website fast.

• Website Support
All websites require management whether it is being outsourced to a company, or it is being done by an employee in house. For many companies, it is far more cost effective to outsource these tasks to a firm that specializes in it, as it is difficult and more expensive to find an employee who is effective at all aspects of management.

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