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Our company core values

• Adopt extreme ownership
Microvera understands that leadership is a two-way street going up and down the chain of command. Each individual of the team takes ownership of their own actions as well as the actions of the team. We practice the principle of looking out the window with success, and into the mirror with each failure.

• Embrace creativity
We believe creativity is heightened through thinking differently and embracing diversity. We continually expand our creativity, not only in photography and cinema but also in the everyday approach to solving problems.

• Be client obsessed
We succeed when our clients are happy. Our clients are our true goal, those who make it possible to make a living doing what we love.

• Our mission is clear
Microvera believes success occurs at the intersection of talent, hard work, and humility. We embrace new challenges, humbly seek out learning opportunities, and continue to grow in your personal and professional lives.

• Be industry leaders
Microvera aims consistently at delivering high-quality experiences and products; we continue to innovate in each of our areas, never settling for “good enough.”

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