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Video & Photography

At Microvera, we believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and that video marketing as well provides the ability to help consumers visualize themselves using a product or service and get to know your brand.
Microvera creates professional high-quality videos and images to make sure that your brand is represented correctly all whilst creating or maintaining an elite status, building trust with consumers, and ensuring that your company delivers excellence to its clients.
Through images and the element of search engine optimization (SEO’s), your business is more likely to be found online through Google Images, thus setting you apart from your competitors.

    • Minimum 4 hours
    • A Certified Photographer
    • A Certified Videographer
    • Events Videography and Photography
    • Advertising Videography and Photography
    • High resolution and quality
    • Short films/teaser clips
    • Add a Second Videographer for £250
    • Edited images ready within 30 days
    • Includes usb with all images
    • Additional editing of selected images.
    • Minimum 5 hours
    • A Certified Videographer
    • eventEvents videography
    • Advertising videography
    • High resolution
    • Short films/teaser clips
    • Edited images ready within 30 days
    • Additional editing of selected images.
    • Minimum 5 hours
    • A Certified Photographer
    • Events photography
    • Advertising photography
    • High resolution
    • Additional editing of selected images.
Frequently asked questions

Why should I consider video & photography marketing?

Visually pleasing imagery really affect the way a message is conveyed to your audience. It can create a relationship between your business and your prospect customers as they value the effort put into entertaining and engaging high quality videos and pictures.

How does video & photography marketing work?

They are used to promote your services or products on countless platforms, including your website in order to increase engagements and your overall audience through convenient imagery.

Are videos and pictures effective?

Of course. Videos and photos are engaging, easy to digest and their versatility and accessibility allows them to be shared through many mediums to other prospect clients.

Why should I use professional videographers and photographers?

It is very important to use professional photographers and videographers as the equipment we use makes sure that we only deliver high quality and resolutions for your satisfaction. In order to acquire successful results, we use professional equipment to show sophistication in your works.

Why microvera?

Microvera is an experienced company with over 10 years of working in the digital and physical marketing world and helps cater to all of your business needs. Our team has been provided with exceptional training and always ensure that your business is given the best of the best. Our clients speak for us with many of their positive reviews stating their benefits from working with Microvera, and we would like to do the same for you!

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, our services do not allow for refunds to be accepted due to the nature of this business and the complexity of advanced technological services that you will be provided with.

How do I make payments?

All payments are taken via Direct-Debit – this can be set up through your phone, online or contact your bank directly to help set this up for you.
You cannot cancel payments before your scheduled deadline.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Our team are always happy to help you.
Feel free to contact us via:
WhatsApp: +44 (0)7447 894477

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