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In an age of technology, where “print” is now proliferated online via web sites, eBooks, and blogs, it’s a wonder the significance that paper still holds in the day-to-day.

Technology continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate; archived books will remain a vitally important aspect of our history, and our future.

Many people have books which hold some special meaning or have value – either intrinsic or from a historical or family perspective.

This might be an old leather bound volume handed down from past generations, a large family religious book perhaps, or even a children’s book you read all those years ago! Eventually books wear out, especially if they have experienced heavy use.

The boards fall off, the hinges crack, or pages start to become detached.

Microvera offers a repair service for many of these types of problems.

Contact us by phone or e-mail to tell us about your book. If you are able to send photos by e-mail that would be really useful so we can see the condition for ourselves!

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