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Do you know how you can send text messages using Outlook? Yes, you heard that right, it is possible! Sending text messages can often be the quickest and most convenient way to contact someone who is on the move.


Outlook Mobile Service makes it easy to create and send text messages to mobile devices from your computer.


To send text messages, you must first add and configure an Outlook Mobile Service account.


With text messaging in Outlook, you can also forward your upcoming Outlook schedule or important e-mail messages directly to your mobile device as a text message — a great way to stay connected when you are on the go.


Generally, there are two ways that Outlook can send and receive text messages:


With an Exchange Server 2010 account.


Outlook can send messages to a phone running Windows Mobile 6.5 or later.


Third-party text messaging service.


If you don’t have an Exchange Server 2010 account, you can use a third-party text message (SMS) service that sends and receives text messages on your behalf.


So, no longer will you be hunched over a tiny phone trying to add all of those addresses from your phone book just to say “Be there in 10.”

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