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In a world where everything is visual, with 24 hour media exposure, endless Internet marketing and virtual gaming, you must have strong graphics or you run the risk of being ignored. Your visual identity is your key to standing out from the competition and being remembered by potential and existing clients.


It is important in maintaining a positive image or counteracting a negative one.


So, what is Visual ID?


Choice of logo

Company colors

Overall use of color

Style and size of font used

Frequently used design elements, repeating the same elements to create consistency

Type of Communications used, letters, email etc.

All of these things make up an identity and should support the brand as a whole.


The visual identity for a business is often built up of items such as an explicit logo, fonts, color schemes, symbols, which may be developed to represent implicit values, ideas, and even a personality of the company.


Furthermore, it’s important that when designing a distinctive mark and custom logo, it should be configured to work in different sizes, shapes and formats, and capable of being reproduced in multiple media venues. Whether it’s horizontal, square or vertical, full color or B&W. Large or small, light or dark, it has to work in all cases.

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