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In a world where the buying and selling of good online is becoming more readily and widely available all over the world, every company must ensure that it is up to date with the latest security measures for safe and…

Web Design Service Packages

Web Design Service

The way a website is designed directly impacts the way your audience perceives your business.  In order to make an unforgettable positive impression on consumers, you must strategically select elements of aesthetics, images, colors, and more. Microvera's web design service…

Domain and Web Hosting Service Packages

Domain and Web Hosting

We ensure that your website is available to be accessed by everyone on the internet. Working with a great company to create a unique domain name and host your website is what lays the foundations for the success of your…

Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

WordPress Web Maintenance Services is an important aspect to ensure that your website is running smoothly.microvera uses this universal platform to create a manageable system to generate websites with the best functionality, meet the demands of users, and allow for…

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